AIR Bridge

AIR Bridge 2019

Connecting Art and Healthcare, South and North Ibaraki, Japan and the Netherlands

The previous year’s AIR Bridge was developed further and held a joint program with the artist residency newly launched at Fukuroda Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in the town of Daigo, Ibaraki. This included a study session that took in both healthcare and art through considering the support offered to artists at a residency program and the relationship between art and psychiatric care. This was followed by a public talk in Tokyo presenting the results and challenges raised.

Artist Residency Study Session|What is an Artist-in-Residence Program?

Date| July 19, 2019

  • Venue| Fukuroda Hospital (Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture)
  • Participants| Hospital staff

Artist Residency Study Session|Art (and Its Effects) in Psychiatric Care

Date|September 26, 2019

  • Venue| ARCUS Studio
  • Participants| Fukuroda Hospital AIR staff ( Watanabe Keiko, Uehara Kouo), ARCUS Project Administration Committee staff

AIR Bridge Talk event|Toward the Future of Artist Residencies: Connecting Art and Healthcare—ARCUS Project and Fukuroda Hospital

Date |December 21, 2019

  • Speakers|Watanabe Keiko (Occupational therapist, Fukuroda Hospital), Uehara Kouo (Artist, Fukuroda Hospital), Nishimoto Miho (Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • Moderator|Ozawa Keisuke
  • Co-Organized by ARCUS Project Administration Committee and Fukuroda Hospital
  • Supported by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Fukuroda Hospital

Fukuroda Hospital opened in the town of Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture, in 1977. It incorporates a range of therapies into its patient treatment including raising animals, natural farming, art, and nature therapy. It launched its first art program in 2001. In 2019, it invited Sachi Miyachi and, from the Netherlands, Nina Glockner, for a residency run jointly by the hospital with the town of Daigo and Beautiful Distress.

Beautiful Distress / Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Beautiful Distress is a project that aims to fight prejudice against mental disorders through art created by artists at psychiatric hospitals. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is supporting the development of the project in Japan.