ARCUS Project organizes workshop programs with guest artists aimed at a wide range of participants, from children to adults. Valuing individual creative freedom and potential, these workshops inspire the abilities to observe, think, and create of the people who underpin a community.

Artist-Run Workshops

These workshops are led by artists and influenced by local terroir, history, and culture. The artists approach the workshops from surprising perspectives to discover the characteristics and interesting aspects of each area. Working creatively from such perspectives reveals such things as the development of the community, the changing seasons, and the relationship between nature and humankind. One example of these workshops is the HIBINO HOSPITAL series by the artist Hibino Katsuhiko, ongoing since 1999. Recently, both types of workshops have also been held at places located outside Moriya City.

Collaborations with Schools

In this program, artists go to elementary and junior high schools to give classes and lead extracurricular activities. By coming into contact with artists, students experience different kinds of interaction, which in term ushers in new realizations about their school and habits. The experimental program endeavors not only to give students knowledge and information, but also encourage them to enjoy thinking by themselves.