AIR Bridge

AIR Bridge is aimed to share knowledge, experience, and know-how with other artist residencies program in Japan for utilizing in the development of each other’s activities.

AIR Bridge 2022

Partner Institution:
Daigo Town, Ibaraki
Participating Artist:
Satake Makiko
Program Period:
September 17 – October 31, 2022

In partnership with the town of Daigo, ARCUS Project held the forty-five-day artist-in-residence program AIR Bridge 2022. Following discussions with officials from Daigo over the candidates, and consideration of how best to make use of and rediscover the town’s resources and appeals, and not only the work made during the residency but also how to exhibit the results, Satake Makiko was selected for the program. Satake’s work deals with memories of disaster at specific places through the mediums of painting and text. For this program, she undertook a work exploring flood damage and Typhoon Hagibis, which hit Daigo in 2019. She came to see the area initially in August, before staying in the town at Daigo Artist in Residence from September 17 to October 31, 2022, to work on her project. During that time, she continued to conduct interviews and visit places damaged in the disaster. From October 9, the public could view her work in progress at Daigo Cultural Welfare Hall Mine followed by an exhibition at the same venue from October 22, where she showed both previous work and the results of her residency. On the final day of the residency, Satake gave a talk and shared stories related to her work about the flooding with visitors not only from Daigo but also Tokyo, Chiba, and Miyagi.