AIR Bridge

AIR Bridge 2018

ARCUS Project launched AIR Bridge, a new joint program that aims to share its knowledge, experience, and know-how with other artist residencies for utilizing in the development of each other’s activities. Several events were held with organizations in and outside the prefecture for the purposes of deepening one another’s insights.

AIR Bridge – ARCUS Project × Global Art Crossing, Tokyo University of the Arts × TAKASU HOUSE

Migrating Artists: The Workings of an Artist Residency

Date |October 23, 2018

  • Venue|GEIDAI SHOKUDO, Toride Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Speakers|Steven Ciezki, Fujiwara Nobuyuki, Akira Miyu, Iwama Satoshi, Erika Ceruzzi, Aruma Toyama
  • Co-organized by Global Art Crossing [middle east], Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Cooperation|Toride Art Project
ARCUS Project × Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee

(Must-Have) Permanent Alternatives: Opening Up Artist Residencies

Date|December 20, 2018

  • Venue|Reborn-Art Festival office
  • Speaker|Fujimoto Yumiko
  • Participants|Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee, Ishinomaki City, ARCUS Project
  • Cooperation|Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee
ARCUS Project × Daigo Town Development Division

Consultation Meet-Up: This and That about Artist-in-Residence Programs

Date| February 14, 2019

  • Venue|Daigo Front
  • Speakers|Ozawa Keisuke, Ishii Mizuho, Fujimoto Yumiko, Toyama Aruma
  • Participants|Endo Architect and Associates, DAIR, Daigo Art Community, Daigo Town Development Division, Community-reactivating cooperator squad, Atelier Holos (Fukuroda Hospital)
  • Cooperation|Daigo Town Development Division