Announcing the ARCUS Research 2023 Participants!


ARCUS Project is pleased to announce that we have selected ARCUS Research 2023 participants. ARCUS Research is a self-directed and self-funded residency program for practitioners and professionals in art and other cultural fields, including artists, curators, researchers, university educators, and writers. 

We received 31 applications via open call. Following a careful screening process, four participants have been selected. Éric Omar Camarena (Mexico), Chloé Viton (France), Léone-Alix Mazaud (France), and Noémie Soula (UK/France) will participate in a residency at ARCUS Studio for 30 days from June through August. 


Residency period: June 9th through July 8th

Éric Omar Camarena (Mexico)  Artist and architect

Chloé Viton (France)  Artist


Residency period: July 11th through August 9th

Léone-Alix Mazaud (France)  Artist and PhD candidate

Noémie Soula (UK/France)  Artist and researcher


→ More information about 2023 participants