Open Studios 2023


On the November 23-26, we, ARCUS Project open 2023 resident artists’ studios; Laura Cooper (United Kingdom) and Shindo Fuyuka (Japan). We cordially invite you to come and join us as they share their works-in-progress of 90-days in Moriya, Ibaraki.

November 23rd (Thursday) — November 26th (Sun) 13:00 -18:00
ARCUS Studio
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Laura Cooper (United Kingdom)
Shindo Fuyuka (Japan)
Special Project
millonaliu [Kilodiana Millona & Yuan Chun Liu (Albania/Taiwan)]
TEL 0297-46-2600 (ARCUS Studio)

※The programs and timetable are subject to change


November 25 (Sat) 11:00-12:15

Kids Tour

Guided Tour for Kids ※In Japanese. Booking required.


November 25 (Sat) 13:30 – 14:30

Director Tour

Studio Guided Tour by the Director ※In Japanese and English. No booking required.

November 25 (Sat) 16:00 – 18:00

Talk | When we consider our art, through the lens of the universe

Why art, at a time we face multiple crises including global warming and wars, epidemics and natural disasters? While art which accelerates the capitalist economy as a commodity receives attention, we can assume that art in its original meaning of ‘technique’ can be something that unravels this turbulent world. This may then emerge not as something tangible, but rather, as something in constant motion and unfixed, like the workings of the universe. This talk will explore the ties between this time and art, referencing Serizawa’s past works.


※In Japanese and English. No booking required.
Serizawa Takashi (Executive Director, P3 art and environment)
Ozawa Keisuke (Director, ARCUS Project)

November 26 (Sun) 14:00 – 16:00

Exchange Residency Program 2023 Residency Report

Report of Residencies in South Korea/Japan: Dissolving Boundaries, Fermenting Societies

An event will be held to report on the Exchange Residency Program between the ARCUS Project and the SeMA Nanji Residency in South Korea. Participating artist from Japan Nagata Kosuke, who stayed in Korea, and Son Hyemin and Ryu Soyoon of the Korean artist collective Rice Brewing Sisters Club (RBSC), hosted by the ARCUS Project, will speak of their work during their respective two month residencies and outlooks for the future. Nagata, who has examined assimilation and exclusion by the state and ideology through the perspective of food culture, researched the history of sake brewing under Japanese colonial rule during his residency in Korea, taking on the challenge of home-brewing makgeolli (Korean rice wine) with the cooperation of rice farmers and breweries in Seoul. RBSC have been expressing the historical, cultural and political narratives of food preparation and consumption traditions across generations, by likening them to the fermentation process of rice and other foods. During their residency, they researched ama (female divers), and through dialogue with ama and researchers throughout Japan, attempted to redefine the divers in terms of the environmental considerations and labor involved in fishing. Both projects expand beyond human factors such as communities and producers, influenced by invisible elements such as microorganisms and weather. This practice without end may resemble a kind of ‘fermentation,’ with its continuous change. Through the works of both groups of artists, we will consider the time of crisis in which we live, as well as the future. We hope for your participation.

※Online streaming is available. In Japanese and English. Booking required by November 24th (Fri.)

For reservation

Nagata Kosuke, Rice Brewing Sisters Club

Fujimoto Yumiko (Coordinator, ARCUS Project)

2023 Resident Artists

Laura Cooper

United Kingdom

Born in 1983 in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom, and living in Birmingham. Artist and filmmaker Cooper is interested in the physical confinements of the human body, and the un-knowableness of other people and beings. She explores the relationship between human-animal, attempting to inhabit a less anthropocentric reality and creating works toward unknown territories and perspectives. Her moving image work includes documentaries which are variable and poetic, including people in a participatory manner. As she creates her work in response to specific landscapes, animals and communities, she has also collaborated with farmers, hunters, falconers, property developers, therapists, and scientists. For the ARCUS Project, she will focus on cultural differences between the UK and Japan regarding animals with the wild boar as a motif, creating her work while researching hunting sites. Past exhibitions and activities include The Political Animal, performance with Hermione Spriggs (The Showroom, London, 2017), LAM 360° (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2012), Autumn Almanac: The Voice and the Lens(IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 2012).

Shindo Fuyuka


Born in Hokkaido in 1975, and living in Ebetsu City. While unraveling the history and culture of Hokkaido, where she was born and raised, Shindo creates works that shed light on the invisible power relations that propelled the modernization of Japan and other countries beyond. Utilizing the art museums that were institutionalized as a system alongside this modernization and their exhibition methods, she displays objects that reference the lifestyle and culture of Hokkaido. The underlying driving force is the ambivalence between the social desire to ‘preserve’ things through archives, artifacts and folklore, and the distrust of this desire. At the same time, despite the centralized nature of modern society she is also interested in anarchism based on the idea of autonomy, and the situation of local communities, and engages in performances and tours founded on observation and research. During her residency at ARCUS Project, she will conduct research and produce work based on the keywords of migration and disaster prevention. Past exhibitions and activities include Roppongi Crossing 2022: Coming & Going (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2022-2023), Child of Settlers (Moerenuma Park, Sapporo, 2019) and International Studio & Curatorial Program (Participated in artist-in-residence program, ISCP, New York, 2017)

Special Project

millonaliu (Klodiana Millona & Yuan Chun Liu)

Albania, Taiwan

Photo: Pichaya Puapoomcharoen

【Residency Period:October 26th - December 16th】

2020-2021 Online Resident Artist

Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, millonaliu is two artists: the Albanian Klodiana Millona and Taiwanese Yuan Chun Liu. The duo’s interdisciplinary activities encompass art, design, and architecture. Looking at crops and soil as living archives, they have been exploring the critical materiality and hidden narratives of cross breeding rice; addressing landscape formation and the cultivation and commercialisation of genetically modified crops as a technology of control. Focusing on entangled readings of Hōrai rice, — the Japanese Empire rice engineering project in colonial Taiwan (1895-1945)— their research attempts to visibilize a counter cartography within the engineered body of the seed where varying layers of power, knowledge, science and ecologies are ingrained within.
The project is supported partially by the Mondriaan Fund, the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage, the Netherlands.