ARCUS Project Residency and Learning Program for Practitioners and Locals.

The ARCUS Project is an art and culture project promoting regional development through the arts. The Artist-in-Residence Program invites internationally active artists with the aim of supporting their creative investigations. The Leaning Program offers regional residents of all ages opportunities to experience art.

Artist in Residence - IBARAKI

Our Programs

Residence Program

Residence program particularly emphasizes research-based practices and presents the initial results of these processes at open studios. It welcomes ideas for artworks and projects that develop out of encounters with people, the land, and culture, and aspire to form critical spaces that are open and international.


ARCUS Project runs a learning program for a wide range of ages and encompassing many different kinds of events, including workshops and lectures. Art fosters our abilities to think and create, and allows us learn about working together with various other people. Coming into contact with art and artists helps to change the way we live and enriches lifestyle and culture.