Daniel Nicolae Djamo

  • Atist In Residence2017
  • Born in1987 in Romania
  • NationalityRomania
  • PeriodAugust 25 – December 12, 2017 (110 days)
  • Websitehttp://djamo.weebly.com/
For the residence in ARCUS

During the residency at ARCUS Project I have developed several works and thought about crafting others, which shall be finalized after the residency period has ended. I mainly focused my energy on completing 16 sounds of paper, a participative art project and an installation that focuses on the routes followed by 16 people who will live in Japan after the ignition of a conflict in the proximity of Ibaraki, in a fictional age - the year 2028.
It is a fiction that intends to anticipate the results of the struggles and tensions that we are confronted with right now within our societies, while also understanding and reflecting on our past conflicts.
I have collaborated with a group of young people, who have individually developed stories that present this fictional age.

During the development of this piece I worked on a film, Moriya first, Tokyo second, a documentary that presents to worldwide audiences the amazing city of Moriya, unknown to tourists and Japanese citizens alike, underlining the fact that it is really the most important city of Japan.

Lastly, Meteorite Collection is a work that gathers meteorites that were given to me in a fictional period that I spent in Japan. Each rock has stories that one might be tempted to consider fantastic and partially untrue.

Djamo was born in 1987 in Bucharest, Romania. He received a Ph.D. in Art History and Theory in 2016 from the National University of Arts Bucharest. His work extends across video, installation and sculpture. As represented by his documentary-style video work that puts forth certain portrayals of Romania through interviews with people whom he met coincidently, Djamo’s work humorously challenges the representation of his own country within Europe be it about its economic conditions or its association with immigrants. His recent work includes one which revolves around his family history. Djamo has also been presenting work in the field of independent film and has been awarded at numerous competitions.

[Selected Exhibitions and Activities]
2017 “Sixteen Routes to the Perfect Sunshine”, Galerija K18, Maribor, Slovenia
2016 “Magic… You Want?”, AAI - Afro-Asiatisches Institut Graz, Graz, Austria
2016 “Bjergtrolde”, ARPIA - art with landscape, Herzele, Belgium
2015 “Before the End”, KKW (KunstKraftWerk Leipzig), Leipzig, Germany
2015 “Unicorn Tales”, Victoria Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Reasons for Selection
Humorous yet highly political/critical, I was drawn to Djamo’s work and its intentional use of stereotypes of his home country. His proposal for ARCUS Project was stimulating in its inventiveness―he would ask the residents of Moriya City to imagine a fictional Romanian character who has left Romania to live in Japan, and develop a story about this character set in the year 2028. Another factor I took into account was that although the artist has had numerous residence programs in Europe, the ARCUS Project would be his first in East Asia.

Comment for Open Studios
Daniel Nicolae Djamo’s work is very diverse, examining the changes that took place in his home country of Romania after joining the EU as well as its association with immigrants, and stories revolving around his family history.

During his residency, Djamo conducted a workshop with participants aged between 16 and 30 imagining what will happen in the year 2028. The artist asked the participants to devise a range of stories based on the hypothetical scenario that a chain of conflicts arises, forcing people living in Japan to migrate overseas. Of these stories written on paper, 16 were selected and are exhibited during Open Studios. The artist has conducted similar workshops all over the world and is building an archive of the stories created by participants. In addition, Djamo presents a documentary-style video made in the manner of a publicity film in which the artist plays a reporter telling the world about the hidden charms of Moriya, and also exhibits stones purporting to be meteorites the artist received from various people around Japan.

These very different projects nonetheless share a highly unusual nature of narrative that seems like the kind of thing one might find online. Djamo is interested in how the power of the human imagination is able to construct even more unique stories. Simultaneously, the style of his artistic activities also reflects the perspective on the world of this artist who is interested in social issues such as immigration.

Kenichi Kondo

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