Florencia Rodríguez Giles

  • Atist In Residence2014
  • Born in1978 in Argentina
  • NationalityArgentina
For the residence in ARCUS

The project I want to develop in Moriya is based on the idea that the act of dreaming can be used as a source of new narratives and collective practices. Dreams constitute an essential dimension of the daily life of every human being. However, such a dimension is usually restricted to a private and intimate sphere of human existence which is radically separated from the narratives and practices that organize the intersubjective relations of the states of wakefulness. This project aims to bring the individual experience of dreaming to a collective context in order to use it as a fabric of other possible narratives.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. Lives and works in Buenos Aires.
In 2002, Florencia Rodriguez Giles obtained her M.A. in painting at the National University Institute of the Arts, Buenos Aires. From 2010 to ’12, she studied Analysis and Development of Projects in Visual Arts under a scholarship at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires. Her major exhibitions include “Círculos en movimiento” (MAMBA Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013) and “Il va se passer quelque chose” (Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris, 2012). Her activities in Japan include participation in the Backers Foundation and AIT Residence Program (2009) and “HOME AGAIN -10 Artists who have experienced Japan” at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (2012).

Her artworks employ a fusion of media, including painting, installation, performance, photography, and video. Through dreams and illusions, she explores the meaning possessed by ritualistic and religious customs in society. She currently is working worldwide while based in Latin America.

This artist gives unique, comprehensive development to dream paintings, performances, and stage set designs. Her drawings and the stage costumes she creates display a powerful creativity. During her last visit to Japan, she absorbed Japan’s traditional culture during a collaboration with a Butoh master and other activities, and later reflected her experiences in artworks. With a deeper understanding of Japan, there is a strong possibility she will take this endeavor even farther. Through her involvement in Arcus, she hopes to experience broad exchange with local people and gather fragments of dreams. We can look forward to her discoveries of a culture unconsciously shared by people in a group.

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