Constantinos Taliotis

For the residence in ARCUS

My research evolves around episodes from the history of modernist architecture in Japan, its epidemics and its failures. Additionally, I am interested in the glossary of subcultures of speed and danger. During the 100-day residency at ARCUS I intent to engage with these kinds of conundrums; in other words, questions of velocity and stasis.

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1983.
In 2006, Constantinos Taliotis graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. In 2008, he received an M.A. in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory at Middlesex University. His major exhibitions include participation in the 55th Venice Biennale, The Cyprus Pavilion (Italy, 2013), 50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND AGAINST ARCHITECTURE (Pilot Gallery, Istanbul, 2013), and AFTERMATH (Akbank Art Centre, Istanbul, 2012). His participation in residency programs includes the ISCP (New York) in 2014 and KÜNSTLERHAUS BETHANIEN (Berlin) in 2012.

Embarking from research into modern architecture and movies, he composes new narratives using wide-ranging methods, including photography, video, installation, and writing and editing texts. He also undertakes stage design and artistic direction.

Photographic works portending fear and violence that recall a scene from a B-grade movie. An installation of a model house that, while perfect in every way, somehow makes us uneasy . . . The artist’s works strike a deep impression that makes them hard to forget. From his use of architecture, movies, and other monumental elements symbolic of the 20th century, we can sense his deep insight into contemporary society. This time he would like to investigate destruction and speed, taking cars as a motif. We can feel certain a global theme will take form.

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