David Brazier (with Kelda Free)

For the residence in ARCUS

We are applying as a collective duo. We’ve worked collaboratively for 10 years & would only require the facilities provided to a single artist.

As individuals we’ve worked in the fields of art & landscape architecture. Our work converges previous experience, focusing on site & context specific art & its reinterpretation in the face of globalization.

David explores identity & art in the public realm. In his work, which frequently facilitates participation, he is interested in investigating the role of the public in the production, reception & distribution of public art.

Kelda has years of experience as a Landscape Architect, working on projects including housing, public realm & urban regeneration. These involve working with communities & other artists to develop site specific concepts and outcomes. Alongside this work she works with David as an artist.

Our collaborative work explores arts role in an increasingly global & consumerist society, amid contemporary socio economic trends & patterns of communication, consumption & gentrification.

We search for critically rigorous models of social engagement that explore site & identity in a world where physical location is losing relevance as contemporary existence becomes comprised of a network of unanchored flows.

A residency, which involves migration & displacement, provides an ideal situation to explore themes surrounding the global/ local nexus & site specificity’s mobilisation.

These artists’ projects combined an innovative use of social forms and gestures with a very focused sense of political inquiry. While they are not “political” in terms of activism, their interest lies in the narration of highly specific moments of social and economic power set in a context of globalization. At times, this included an examination of the artists’ own power, which leads to a very complex set of works.
Their past projects also demonstrate an agile use of the possibilities of residencies, and I feel they will benefit immensely from the Arcus Project.

Ted Purves

Although I have found their opus of works to be quite various in interest and quality, I believe their proposal is highly adapted and interesting for the community of Moriya and the question of working place and home place and the commuting between the two on a daily basis through the high speed train.

Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez

Involves migration & displacement, that’s their unique culture character.

Hu Fang

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Resident Artists 2010

Song Ming Ang  <Singapore>

David Brazier (with Kelda Free)  <Australia>

Jason Kofke  <USA>