Daniel Salomon

  • Artist In Residence 2008
  • Born in 1976 in Denmark
  • Nationality France, Lives and works in Paris
  • Websitehttp://www.heliko.org/
For the residence in ARCUS

I have never been to Japan and my expectations are high. I will of course go to the must-see tourist places, but I am especially looking forward to having a daily life amongst the local community in Moriya. For my work and for myself I am sure this will be a very enriching experience. In return I will do my best to do some exciting art!
In my work I use the language Esperanto as a starting point. Esperanto is constructed international language, which was invented at the end of the 19th century. The idea was that a neutral lingua franca would contribute to peace in the world. I am very interested in how such a utopian idea is perceived in nowadays world.
At ARCUS I will work on an Esperanto currency (i.e. banknotes), which I will launch in December for the open doors. But I also want to improvise some projects in interaction with the local community.

Daniel Salomon has conducted projects in motif of “Esperanto” language since 2003. Esperanto is invented based on the utopian idea “one world” which crosses over the nations. Many individuals and groups are learning and using Esperanto nowadays, however, it is still far from its idea as the “second language for all people”.
Salomon’s projects so far include: speech and lecture in Esperanto, Esperanto football team, Esperanto fast food restaurant, Esperanto sausage production company, Esperanto diplomatic conference. These projects show his process of exploration of the “commonness” or “mutual understanding” under the global situation which often creates contradiction and conflict.
At ARCUS Studio, Salomon is going to create an Esperanto dish which uses local food in Ibaraki. He will conduct a cooking class to the local high-school students which will be presented as a video work. He is also planning to issue Esperanto currency (ex. banknotes) during his residency. He will also research on the Esperantists in Japan.

“Languages are a central medium for the understanding and the development of knowledge. The idea to have Esperanto as topic for his work makes Salomon’s art not only very contemporary, but kind of “funny”… Nevertheless his approach is very serious and constructive and his work is very coherent and consistent. On the other hand, his performative approach is very actual and makes him very adaptable to different contexts. I think his project makes very much sense in the Japanese context, or at least from an European point of view. I’m very curious to see the result!”

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