Lee Wan-Chen

  • Artist In Residence2002
  • StaySept 6, 2002-Jan 12, 2003
  • NationalityTaiwan

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1976. Obtained MFA from Graduate Institute of Animation, Tainan National College of the Arts in 2004. Lives and works in Tainan.

During residency
Lee carried out workshops at local elementary schools and junior high schools based on books to produce video and photographs. Focusing on the unique sense of distance in relationships in Japan, she made vests that could be worn together by several people and took photographs of people wearing them.

Open Studio
Nov 9-Nov 24, 2002
ARCUS Studio

ARCUS Tokyo Exhibition
Nov 30-Dec 15, 2002
Contemporary Art Factory (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Resident Artists 2002

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