Sid Gomez Hildawa

  • Artist In Residence1997
  • StaySept 9- Dec 18, 1997
  • Nationalitythe Philippines

Born in 1962. Obtained MFA from De La Salle University, Manila, the Philippines in 2003. Lives in Makati City and is currently Director of the CCP Visual, Literary, and Media Arts Department, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Pasay City.

During residency
Interested in the idea of 'shelter' which, not only protects human from natural threats, but, also, accommodates the cycles and rhythms of seasonal changes, Hildawa in corporated construction materials, natural objects, and red wax doll from Manila to create My House is a Watered Orchard Where Trees Dream of Touching the Sky.

Workshop: Fax Art Project
Nov 23, 1997
ARCUS Studio
11 participants, mainly local high school students Participants were to complete the 5 abstract drawings Hildawa made. One of the pieces was faxed to Manila later to be exhibited at the solo exhibition.

Studio Presentation
Sept 27, Sept 28, Oct 25, Oct 26, Nov 8, Nov 9, Nov 22, Nov 23, Nov 24, 1997
ARCUS Studio

Project Room Exhibition
Dec 6, 1997-Jan 25, 1998
ARCUS Studio

Resident Artists 1997

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Jochen Flinzer  <Germany>

Sid Gomez Hildawa  <the Philippines>

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