Jochen Flinzer

  • Artist In Residence1997
  • StaySept 17-Dec 17, 1997
  • NationalityGermany

Born in Bad Harzburg, Germany in 1959. Graduated from Hochschule für Bildende Kuenste Hamburg in 1982. Lives and works in Hamburg.

During residency
Relf ected on his experiences in Japan by embroidering text and images on a black kimono sash for Gruesse aus Moriya. Also produced Hitto Chaato, embroidering Japanese hit chart on paper.

Nov 22, 1997 10:00-12:00
ARCUS Studio
13 participants
Slide presentation of past works and activities, along with discussion on artists who have influenced Flinzer.

Open Studio
Sept 27, Sept 28, Oct 25, Oct 26, Nov 8, Nov 9, Nov 22, Nov 23, Nov 24, 1997
ARCUS Studio

Project Room Exhibition
Dec 6, 1997-Jan 25, 1998
ARCUS Studio

Resident Artists 1997

Teresita Fernández  <USA>

Jochen Flinzer  <Germany>

Sid Gomez Hildawa  <the Philippines>

Pierre Joseph  <France>


Tang Hui  <China>