Local Program 2019

a tour of Motohiro Tomii's "Special Exhibition = Permanent Collection Exhibition"
We held a special tour at Moriya Manabi-no-sato by the director. Detail

[Hibino Art Seminar Hospital Broadcasting Club]
The "Internship Program," led by artist Katsuhiko Hibino was initiated in 1999 to expand the involvement of the public in the ARCUS activities. The program name HIBINO HOSPITAL originates from its first series of programs in which an online hospital was set up to discuss art, combined with an offline workshop to make artworks with the artist. Presently, the program consists of offline workshops only, run by Hibino based on a variety of ideas he prepares for the participants. : HH Vol.75 "Olympic Torch relay"

"Ki-no-Mirai" by Sho Tanaka
Work shop held by wood printmaking artist, Sho Tanaka.

Art College
Lecture series program by ARCUS Staff.
12/14(土)LGBT and ART

Table Meeting
Table Meeting vol. 11 with the new director+ Tour of Motohiro Tomii's "Special Exhibition = Permanent Collection Exhibition."
we held Table Meeting vol. 11 where the new director, ARCUS Supporter, Moriya people and those who have interest in ARCUS Project come together and discussed what ARCUS Project can be.

Art College 《Learn》Art College
Art College 《Learn》Art College
Art College 《Learn》Art College
Table Meeting 《Learn》Table meeting