Local Program 2018

《Communication Program》

●ARCUS Annual 2018
ARCUS Annual 2018 looks back at our artist in residence program this year. It brings our activities based in Moriya City to Mito city.ARCUS Annual 2018

《Challenge Support Program》
ARCUS Share Studios
We open our studios to encourage emerging artists and all people who are interested in everyday use our studios.

Open Radio 88.0MHz @Moriya Gion Matsuri
Open Radio 88.0MHz @X'mas Fantasy

《Internship Program》
The "Internship Program," led by artist Katsuhiko Hibino was initiated in 1999 to expand the involvement of the public in the ARCUS activities. The program name HIBINO HOSPITAL originates from its first series of programs in which an online hospital was set up to discuss art, combined with an offline workshop to make artworks with the artist. Presently, the program consists of offline workshops only, run by Hibino based on a variety of ideas he prepares for the participants. : HH Vol.73, HH Vol.74

《Art Education Initiative Program》
●Junior High School Student's day
ART TOWER MITO Bus Tour for Junior High School Students