Nov. 24 (Sat) 17:30-19:00

Film Screening

OPEN STUDIOS Related Program

We will take place the film screening which introduces works of two artists participated the Exchange Residency Program 2018.

Natsumi Aoyagi
Calendar story for HouseFriend (2018)

Kazuya Takagawa
Ask the self (2015)


Photo by Shintaro Wada
Natsumi Aoyagi
Born in Tokyo in 1990. Lives and works in Tokyo. Aoyagi obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Film and New Media from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016. While observing the development process of a wide range of things, including insects, familiar people, plants, and landscapes, Aoyagi searches for ways of expressing these things without relying on any specific media. Aoyagi employs methods that seem to provide viewers with the experience of seeing things exactly as she does, and deals with the subject of their inability to actually do this. She also makes work under the name “Datsuo” and serves as the director of a media production team called honkbooks in Tokyo. Website


Kazuya Takagawa
Born in Kumamoto in 1986. Lives and works in Tokyo. Takagawa obtained his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012. Based the theme of “the self as a space that is confronted or unified by information,” in recent years, Takagawa has produced works using videos, drawings, and texts while referencing psychological and psychopathological methodologies. For Voicing the Extreme, a project he began in 2017, he studied collections of verbal utterances and their psychological effects.

Calendar%20story%20for%20HouseFriend.jpgCalendar story for HouseFriend
Video 30′, 2018

Ask the self
Single-channel video installation, 2015
©Tokyo Arts and Space  Photo by Kenji Takahashi