November 23th [Thu] 16:30 -18:00

Artist Talks × Kenichi Kondo

OPEN STUDIOS Related Program

We will hold the Artist Talks × Kenichi Kondo. They are going to talk at each resident artists' studio.

ARCUS Project invites Mr. Kenichi Kondo who is a curator at Mori Art Museum as our this year's guest curator. He is a one of the member of selection committee. After the resident artists arrived on 25th Aug, he havs had numerous conversations with resident artists about their projects, and worked together.
They will talk about the process of projects and concepts so on in this event.
We'd like to share experience to see the artists' progress together.

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【 Resident Artist 2017 】
Julieta Aguinaco & Sarah Demoen


Daniel Nicolae Djamo [Romania]

Curtis Tamm [USA]

【 Guest Curator 2017 】
Kenichi Kondo
Curator, Mori Art Museum