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Curtis Tamm Center for Cellular Alignment

Sound Library by Curtis Tamm

Center for Cellular Alignment

What is a wave?​

​The Center for Cellular Alignment offers personalized sessions of 'disorientation therapy' for those interested in re-visioning their relationship to seismic phenomena, through environmental sound and music.

Over the course of three months, Curtis Tamm developed a sound-library of field-recordings specific to Japan; ranging from ultrasonic​s of cicadas and other-worldly Pachinko melodies, to the seductive chanting of Itakos in Aomori, to the screaming and stomping of the local Kendo club in Moriya. The artist also worked with a dozen Buddhist temples throughout Kyoto, Tokyo and Ibaraki prefecture, to revitalize the so-called "purifying" frequencies of Bonsho (multi-ton temple bells), which forms the foundation of the library and listening sessions with visitors.

By spatializing the visitor's body within the 'womb' of his Bonsho recordings, along with the accidental interference from elements of his sound-library, Center for Cellular Alignment functions as a temporary public space for visitors to dive deep into the nature of waves, and to take rest within their ​disorienting ​shimmer and improbable diffraction.

His exhibition at ARCUS Project ​outlines the contours of a speculative discipline focused upon the fractaline nature of sound, its dis/orienting sensory qualities, ​and how the act of listening may be used as a tool for understanding seismicity. ​His practice is currently focused upon re-evaluating the role of sound in society, and how our cities siren infrastructure may be utilized for purposes of social healing as well as signal warning. ​

Personalized sessions run twenty minutes. Drop-in visitors are accepted on a first come first serve basis, but priority is given to those who make appointments ahead of time.

【Vacancy】Please check the availability fromthe link
【Capacity】 1 person or 1 group 
▶1 session is 20min.
【Contact】 / 0297-46-2600
【Booking】Please contact via email or phone with the information below.
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*Without booking, you might not be able to enter the studio, if it's fully booked with private session. The studio will open for the visitor without no appointment at 15:20-16:20 everyday.

During Open Studios, we play siren composed by Curtis once a day for about 20 mins from the speakers of former elementary school, Moriya Manabi-no-sato where our studio is located. The siren can be heard from the playground.
Nov. 22(Wed)-25(Sat) from 16:00 for about 20min.
Nov. 26(Sun) from 18:00


【 Resident Artists 2017 】
Curtis Tamm [USA]

Curtis Tamm