August 1 (Tue) - August 18 (Fri)13:00-19:00

Pameran Wall Vol. 1 - Unen Kumagai

'遊' -yu-

We are exhibiting calligraphy '遊' by a modern Japanese calligrapher, Unen Kumagai as Pameran Wall vol. 1, newly refurnished showcase space in the bookshelf at the ARCUS salon.

'Why is calligraphy restricted by many rules, while fine art enjoys its own diverse expression? Believing in the tradition and practicing the classic, I am trying to acquire the style expressing touch of contemporary which harmonizes calligraphy and art.'

Our salon has been open to the visitor. Why not come to the salon and spend some time with the work, chat with artist over a cup of tea and coffee?

IMG_0204.jpg ※Reference work

Unen Kumagai

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1965. Modern Japanese calligrapher, lives and works in Moriya, Ibaraki.