August 1 (Tue) -

Pameran Wall

Exhibitions in ARCUS Salon

ARCUS Project is holding Pameran Dingding, a series of exhibitions of those who kindly supported our crowd-funding project last year at the archive book shelf in our salon, which was made possible by the very project.

Pameran means exhibition in Indonesian/Malaysian.

The exhibition schedule will be updated on this page.


Vol.1 Modern Japanese Calligrapher, Unen Kumagai「遊」
August 1(Tue) - 18(Fri) (Exc. August 12-15)

Vol.2 Mieko Sueyosi, Observations
August 23(Wed) - September 2(Sat) (Exc. August 25)

【Upcoming Exhibitions】

Yoshinori Takakura + (From the end of September)

Tomoko Inagaki (From the end of November)

Artists' list in this site will be regularly updated.

s-_KT79723.jpg 撮影:加藤 甫