Open Studio 03 [Triple Standard]

ARCUS Project 2010 IBARAKI

We are in the rare case as an international residency program in Japan under radiation risk. The current resident artists are the first generation after the 3.11 disaster, (The Great East Japan Earthquake ). We would like to tell about the successful side and the problem side and about the art agenda for now and the future.
November 26 and 27 we have the final open studio for our current residents. They will show what they have been working for the past 3 months. Our current resident artists are: Wai Keung Hui from Hong Kong, Wojciech Gilewiz Poland and Fazal Rizvi from Pakistan.
Also Nishio Chihiro, Japanese artist is working in the studio for studio program during their residency program.

①「Radio Workshop」
Date&Time=26th(Sat)12:00〜14:00 |Artist=Hiroki Kehara|Place=locker room 

②「ARCUS Radio」
Date&Time=26th(Sat)14:00〜19:00(with Hiroki Kehara)、27th(Sun)12:00〜19:00 

③Chihiro Nishio+Megumi Kamimura+Mizuki Shibata+Reiko Yamaguchi "Open Work"
Date&Time=26th(Sat)、27th(Sun)12:00〜19:00|Place=Studio 1

④Katsuhiko Hibino(Artist)+Shinichi Aida(The Mayor of Moriya)Discussion / HIBINO HOSPITAL vol.59 "About AIR, Local and Artist"
Date&Time=27th(Sun)15:30〜17:30|Place=Locker room

⑤Closing party
Date&Time=27th(Sun)18:00〜20:30|Place=Locker room|Admission=Free

⑥Stay Over Night Event「All ABOUT MY ARCUS」
Admission=500 yen(include breakfast)|Please bring your sleeping bag if you want to join.

Report is here(1,2,3,4,5,6).