October 28 (Friday)

Enjoyable Art for Family

Once a month this workshop provides a chance to enjoy art with lots of different materials such as clay or big paper for preschool children and their parents. Please feel free to join!

If you would like to see the blog (workshop) by artist Tatsuo Ianagaki

Report : Sorry only Japanese is available..


nico.gifPlease join with clothes you do not mind to keep clean

nico.gifPlease join as many times as you can, Every time different workshop

nico.gifWe ask you to fill in a questionnaire after the workshop

Tatsuo Inagaki
Worked on the collaborative projects with the local community in Mexico, Turky, France, Germany, Sweden, Korea etc. As a member of Study Group of Arts Education for Preschool Kids (Funded by Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences and Toyota Foundation), Inagaki organized workshop series in Chiang-Mai, Thailand in Agusut 2007. Associate Professor of Hosei University.