March 26 (Dates to be arrenged)

Moriya Manabi-no-Sato Festuval~cherry blossom viewing in Spring ~

In 2010 ARCUS Project started “Moriya Manabi-no-Sato Festival (alias; ManaFes)” in order to exchange and promote activities of both clubs which use this center and ARCUS project. Clubs, supporters in Locker room and artists have enthusiasm and eagerness on their creative activities in common. Therefore we held 1st Moriya Manabi-no-Sato Festival on 11 and 12 November 2010 with the purpose of “knowing each other”, each clubs showing their “usual” activities.

And in March as a part of "ManaFes" we’ve invited young Japanese artists pottery making experience for them. Now we’re preparing “Manamin”= ManaFes mascot and a club introduction board.

Coming 26th March (Sat.). ARCUS Project try enhancing “Moriya Manabi-no-Sato” with new viewpoint and sharing with all member who gather here.


【Time Table】

Craft work: Mana-min paper lantern & mat
(Workshop Lecturer:Simple Society)

Making Japanese lanterns and mats with Manabi-no-Sato Festival mascot "Mana-min".
Enjoy cherry blossom viewing in evening with hand-made lanterns.
Easy handicraft and kids are welcome.

Talk on Art and Pottery making
(Artists:Tetsuro Kuno, Makoto Kuhara, Yoshiyori Takakura, and more)

Talk of artists who joined pottery clubs activities. About exchange with Moriya people and their pottery making experience.

Night Cerry blossom viewing party

Let's enjoy early Spring at Moriya Manabi-no-Sato with

【About Moriya Manabi-no-Sato】
Community center found in 1994 with the former Oisawa elementary school building is run by Moriya city. It contains training rooms, tatami rooms, creative craft work room, music room, gym, play ground, BBQ erea. Who live and work in Moriya gather here.