January 27th,2011 11:00-12:00

Kids Workshop"Feathery, Strong and Warm"

○ Deepening physical contact with children with Yoga knowledge through body games and doing body care and muscular training.

○ Relaxing your body and enjoy weight-sharing game, massage and basic contact improvisation. Enjoying games with toys(they will be water balloons and strings) to feel rhythm, texture and warmth.

Report : Sorry only Japanese is available..


Dancer/Artist based in Netherland. In 1998 she moved to Europe. She has created choreography works collaborating with Fine Art and Public Art in Belgium and Netherland since 2000. She graduated DasArts which is regarded as “a laboratory of future theater” in Amsterdam in 2005. She quests for a field where dancers’ bodies interact with audiences’ thought and memory in her unique works with video or space design.
She has organized improvisation workshop at Tokyo Gakugei University since 2005 and taught Yoga in Rotterdam.
In 2009, she started series workshop “occurrence of movement”.