December 3rd (Fri.) 16:00-18:00

Art Talk vol.1

Art Talk series Vol.1 in School of the senses

◯ What' s Arcus Project?
Mami Odai (Arcus Project Director)

◯ Artist Talk(Arcus Project 2010 Resident Artists)

・Kelda Free + David Brazier(Australia/London)

・Song Ming Ang(Singapore)

・Jason Kofke(The U.S)

Report : Sorry only Japanese is available..

Kelda Free + David Brazier

Song Ming Ang

Jason Kofke

Following programs will be announced one after the other.
After the talk, we are planning a reception for about an hour.
Please join us.

※Application in advance is recommend.

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Phone: 090 -1733 -0712 (reception at 10 -18 hours)