November 11, 2010

Moriya manabi no Sato Festival~ Open Clubs Activities in Autumn・Open Studio~

Moriya Manabi-no-Sato Festival is a project which transmits activities of people who gather at this place. The applicants are residence artists, ARCUS supporters and club members. Through this project we facilitate the interchange between and observers in order to inspire Moriya Manabi-no-Sato from inside.

We carry out “Open club activities in Autumn・Open Studio” as 1st Festival. Held at the same time with Open Studio by ARCUS residency artists, open clubs show their activities as usual. We offer attendance an opportunity to observe and experience. This event isn’t same as common community center festival, exhibitions or concerts.

In our Locker Room, the base of ARCUS supporters, we hold an exhibition “Little steps during 25 years, local library in Oisawa, Ohno and Takano”. One of our supporters who has continued to give and read out books to children shows her activities.

Since its foundation, ARCUS Project has worked in public facilities, not in own residence space. Join “Moriya manabi no Sato Festival” various activities by Moriya citizens, ARCUS supporters’ events and projects by residence artists that were inspired by Moriya city.

Report : Sorry only Japanese is available..


「ALL About my ARCUS」

“ALL About my ARCUS” is viewing images series. Let’s enjoy works of ARCUS archives and talking about Artist in Residence, Art and Moriya city.
Date and Time : 11 November 21:00〜 12 November 11:00
Place:Locker Room(Viewing) , Tatami-room (Sleeping)
Fee: 500 yen for breakfast

*Reservation required.