28th March

”Locker Room” announcement of new space in Spring

A presentation party is going to be held. One of our studio was reborn as a multipurpose space "Locker Room" therefore we'd like to enjoy this room with.
Various shows are planned such as photo exhibition by an ARCUS supporter, talk show by former ARCUS resident artist, a Journey report by Moriya city dweller artist and music live by guest musicians.

These various shows and plans are suitable for our multipurpose space

【Time Table】

Introduction, pleasant talk time in "Locker Room"

Thailand journey report by Mizuho Ishii

Talk by Goh Ideta(ARCUS resident artist in 2006)

Music Live by VOQ/Hiroshi Honda

Plans by supporters and Moriya citizens; catering by Brita Koetzold (Moriya city coordinator for International Relations), Records and coffee by Kohei Ogawa (Moriya Friend Park), photos of agricultural field by Shogo Takebayashi.
Free snack available

Tetsuro Kano has collected some seeds as souvenir for visitors.

m_2214514f9d9040b38bd68a13f4d512a0.jpgVOQ/Hiroshi Honda
The Vocalist from "organ-o-rounge", Hiroshi Honda just started his individual project VOQ.
Its beautiful melody and his soft voice make music suitable for spring in Moriya.

mizuho_ishii.jpgMizuho Ishii
A born and Bred Moriyan artist, Mizuho Ishii reports journey in Thailand using photo slide show.
She talks about what she's got through her stay such as inspiration or motivation on art, in addition new encounters and meeting former ARCUS resident artist.

2006_goh_ideta_0_sq.jpgGoh Ideta
Goh Ideta, a ARCUS resident artist in 2006, has just came back to Japan from Europe.
He talk about his creation process, stay at ARCUS studio with a view of Japanese artist and stay in Europe including experience at residence in Holland 2005-2006.

portraitbyarai01.jpgTesturo Kano
After a long interval, Tetsuro Kano visited ARCUS Studio to find some seeds around here. He makes installation works which contains or are inspired by plants and birds.
The seeds are unidentified now however they will show us something wonderful.
(Portrait by Takashi Arai)

【About Locker Room】

"Locker Room"was founded in fiscal year 2009 as a multipurpose space for our volunteer supporters=Katatsumuri-san.
Movable white walls make this room as users want. They are both partitions and exhibition wall.In addition, the walls are shelfs to store tools and various materials.
Exhibition, workshop, creation and so on.....we welcome ideas from supporters, artists and anybody who's interested in ARCUS and Moriya city.