Dec 05 - 13

ARCUS Project 2009 IBARAKI  | Open Studio

Open Studio which caps the days of ARCUS AIR program will start finally.
This year, all artists have been involved in various researches in and outside of Moriya city.
The topics include those issues of communication between generations / genders, relationship between place and memory, urbanization of the city, border between the reality and virtuality etc. Every artist tackled with own project with one's unique approach.
Please visit ARCUS to see their final work at Open Studio.

Opening Party
■December 5, Saturday 18:00-
No booking, Free admission

■December 6, Sunday 14:00-
Studio tour for kids
Free admission
*Please book at the website.

# There will be performances by artists.

Artist Talk
■December 5, Saturday 15:00-
Daniel Seiple x
Noriyuki Tsuji (Curator at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography / Translator)

■December 12, Saturday 15:00-
Wu, Shang-lin x
Shigeaki Iwai (Artist)

■■December 13, Sunday 15:00-
Doreen Uhlig x
Mizuki Takahashi (Curator at Art Tower Mito, Contemporary Art Gallery)


Daniel Seiple

(Born in 1973, Place of birth: US, Lives and works in: Berlin)

These are notes and lists from my sketchbook combined into one... Border strategies: TRADE, get a job on the farm. TIME ZONES. TIME TRAVEL, $3434 roundtrip ticket to yesterday and back. TIDES. RIVERS, Floating boardwalk around Kinu-Tone peninsula. IRRIGATION SYSTEMS, open and turn on all of Moriya’s locks and canals for a day. Hold a race between Moriya’s children and water released from the city’s largest canal (Run for your life). TRAVEL, Boat ride to Tokyo.
GEOGRPAHY, leave Moriya at one elevation. EARTHQUAKES, Chanko-nabe sumo Squashbox in LeoPalace21 (How many Japanese neighbors can I squeeze into my apartment after serving sumo wrestler soup.).
IDENTITY, modify and tailor inflatable Japanese mascot with my features. HISTORY, Radio controlled Kamikazes target fishing boats.
LANGUAGE, Japanese folks singing church hymns speak in tongues.


Doreen Uhlig

(Born in 1977, Place of birth: Germany, Lives and works in: Berlin)

09/02 First night in Moriya. Cicada with a voice like a dentist drill.
09/08 Moriya Library, lending book about Osiawa Highschool history.
09/18 Deciding for the class showa 42. 09/22 Different studio, same worries.
09/23 Meeting with ladies from german-translation workshop, burned almonds by Ms. Kojima.
09/24 Singing BIG IN JAPAN during my bicycle ride from the studio back to my apartment.
09/29 Meeting Mr. Kitamura, asked him to recommend some of his former pupils for participation on my work.
10/01 Meeting first possible participant. He gives us some phone numbers of class members. Meeting woman who carry on a cow-farm. Being wildly impressed.
10/03 One more decided not to participate.
10/10 Heavy communication problems. Feeling homesick.
10/19 Going to Nikko. Cookies in the shape of 3 monkeys. I select the one who doesn't want to hear.
10/20"The boy in the box" appeared! He will participate with his daughter. ARCUS stuff very happy too! Talking about Kizukai.
10/21 Writing applications.
10/23 First earthquake.
(from diary)


Wu, Shang-lin

(Born in 1977, Place of birth: Taiwan, Lives and works in: Taipei)

7/23 The first day I arrived in Japan, I was impressed on the color and landscape out side of the window of train from Narita to Toride. I told my self: my life in Europe was already far away. The same day I met Watanabe sen sei, saya, Kaneko's family, Maciko and Takashi. Saya prepared excelent dinner for everyone. I had very good sleep in TAP house for one night.
7/24 Mizuki took me, Takashi and Okunn to the opening of Ai-Wei Wei's exhibition in Mori Art museum. We had amazing opeing party with the art people in Tokyo. The same night, I stayed in a Capsule hotel with Okunn in Ueno because we missed the last train to go back to Toride.
7/25 Big Suprise of my Welcome party, The staffs of Toride Art Project prepared birthday cake and many food for celebrating my arrive and also theirs bon dance festival. They are so lovely & sweet.
7/30 8 days after my arrive in Japan, I got high fever to 38.8 C. I felt very tired and exhausted. The only thing I could do is to lie down on the tatami room of Tappino. Etus san came to brougth mdedicines, vitamins and drinks to me in the evening. Mizuki and Machiko also came to Tappino with cold bag and medicine. I remember Mizuki told to me: Shanglin, please take care your self!
7/31 Okunn took me to the hospital of Toride city, we were worry about if I got new type infleunce(H1N1). For waiting the call by doctor and the test of H1N1. Okunn and I were sitting 3 hours in front of the television with other patients. While I know I didn't get HIN1, I said to Okunn: Lets go to Lamen shop, I'm so hungry!
8/18 After Say good bye to the staffs of TAP, Machiko and Takashi helped me to move my stuffs from Taippino to Arcus. We had delicious hand made soba for lunch. I finally got my own bicycle, and my own room in Leopalace.
8/29 I went to Kamakura with Shinmonishi by his car for helping his art porject with white flying balloon. It's the first time I saw the sea of in Japan, so beautiful!. Before we leave the beach of Kamakura. he told me: today is last day of the summer in 2009!
9/16 We had funny BBQ party in our garden with Doreen, Arcus stuffs and Kawayi volunteers. The same day, I played basketball for the first time, with the members of basketball club in a gym of junior high school in Moriya.
9/26 Shinmonishi took me with Daniel and Doreen to a Closing party of a goupe exhibition of our friends in Toride. It was first time three artist of Arcus go out for have fun together.
10/16 One day before the exhibition in TAP2009. Takashi and Habara san helped me for install my video work in a Tatami room of Inodanchi. The same night, Gosuke help me for the final editing of my interviews. We worked so late, Gosuke was genius for translating the conversation.
(from diary)