Mar 28-29, Mar 29-30

Tetsuya Umeda Midnight Exhibition "Mon (gate)"

Guest: Kanta Horio (March 28-29), Ryuji Ueno (March 29-30)


Tetsuya Umeda
Umeda puts in motion systems and processes for creating sound, and intervenes within these. His sounds are always direct consequences of the systems he sets up - the process is as transparent as possible, without PA or playback of pre-recorded material. His installations use daily, commonplace objects - fans, tin cans, bamboo bowls, buzzers - and the acoustic properties of the space.

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Kanta Horio
Kanta Horio studied acoustics and sound art at the Kyushu Institute of Design in Fukuoka. He presents audio/visual performances using programming software and assorted self-built gadgets, electronic devices, kinetic objects and musical interfaces. Recent performances have utilized electromagnets, motors, contact microphones and a video camera to generate audio/visuals.

Ryuji Ueno
Guitar and Sax in tenniscoats. Released solo work "ueno/hasunosu" from Headz/vector in 2007. The latest work "ueno/sui-gin" is released in March from Room40 in Australia.