Nov 24-Dec 2

Special Showing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

On the occasion of professional preview of the 9th Lyon Biennial on 17-18 September 2007, seven participants of the 16th session of the Ecole du Magasin interviewed to curators and artists and filmed them, asking:

“During ten months we, the participants of the 16th session, were researching the methodology of Harald Szeemann and the tools he created himself to develop his autonomous practice. What are the specificities that make your own curatorial practice unique?”

It is aimed at playing a game within the game, which is guided by Stephanie Moisdon and Hans-Ulrich Obrist who invited to the Biennial 50 curators to write a history of an unfinished decade, to have an overview on the multiplicity of curatorial practices.

List of the 26 curators and artists:
Mathieu Copeland, Marina Fokidis, Alain Diogo, Stuart Comer, Matthieu Laurette, Xavier Douroux, Francis Mc Kee, Philippe Pirotte, Jens Hoffmann, Adriano Pedrosa, Mathieu Mercier, Pierre Bal-Blanc, Andrea Viliani, Julien Fronsacq, Nicolas Trembley, Raimundas Malasauskas, Giovanni Carmine, Sylvie Boulanger, Beatrix Ruf, Nicolas Bourriaud, John M Armleder, Emmanuel Lambion, Jacob Fabricius, Stefan Kalmar, Claire Le Restif, Stephane Carrayrou (in order of appearence)

Produced by: François Aubart, Julija Cistiakova, Haeju Kim, Lucia Pesapane, Fabien Pinaroli, Yuka Tokuyama, Sadie Woods

Statement of the project:


copyright: MAGASIN Grenoble France
2007, DVD, 90min