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ARCUS Project Archive Guideline / Finding Aids information

Archive Materials from ARCUS Project 1994–2011 

ARCUS Project is currently engaged in a project to catalog the records of its 26 years of activities, with the aim of designing and building a publicly viewable archive that contributes to the future appraisal and content of the Artist-in-Residence Program as well as the creation of culture in the region. There is, however, no precedent in Japan for how to regulate the accessibility of resources related to artist residencies. Anticipating the values of this task 50 or 100 years hence from the perspectives of community development, art history, and the history of government cultural policy, preparations are proceeding toward a phased opening of the archive by documenting over 5,000 photographs including slides from the early period of ARCUS Project as well as the past 25 years of press clippings, and cataloging the materials from the activities of the resident artists.

Sorry, only in Japanese is available now, (Eng version is underconstruction.)

1. はじめに


2. アーカイブ・ガイドとは
4. 利用の仕方 を参照ください。

アーカイブ・ガイド / Finding Aids

3. 階層図イメージと運営組織

アーカイブ・ガイドの 3.3.4「編成方法」および 3.4.1「利用条件」等を図示したものです。


Establishment and administration of an organization

The organizational structure of the ARCUS Project has changed, such as moving to the administration committee through the concept stage / pre-project discussed within the Ibaraki Prefectural Office, and then the outsourced project. Although the management body has changed, the activity form centered on the two pillars of the Artist-in-Residence program and the Local program for residents in Southwest Ibaraki region has been consistently continued.

1)1992〜1994|Conceptual stage from 1992, Pre-Project hold in 1994.
2)1995〜2000|Pilot Project, Tsutomu Okada Director
, Wacoal Art center/SPIRAL
3)2000〜2002|Misa Shin Director, ARCUS Project Administration Committee launched.
4)2003〜2006|Aki Hoashi Director
5)2007〜2009|Mizuki Endo Director
6)2010〜2011|Mami Odai Director

7)2012〜2018|Guest curator system operated by Coordinators.
Gosuke Sugiyama (2009-2012), 2012 Chief Coordinator
Ryota Tomoshige (2012-17), 2013-17 Chief Coordinator
Mizuho Ishii (2012-21), 2019-21 Project Manager
Yumiko Fujimoto (2013- ),
Aruma Toyama (2017-21)

[ Year|Guest curators ]
2012|Che Kyongfa [Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, MOT / profile]
2013|Naoko Horiuchi [Arts Initiative Tokyo / AIT/ profile ]
2014|Mihoko Mishikawa [Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, MOT / profile]
2015|Shihoko Iida [Independent Curator / profile]
2016|Hiroyuki Hattori [Independent Curator/ profile]
2017|Kenichi Kondo [ Mori Art Museum / profile]
2018|Kodama Kanazawa [Independent Curator / Chief curator, Towada Art Center / profile]

8)2019〜  |Shift to Director System

This archive was created during the period from the initial concept stage to 1) - 6), which was implemented under the director system, and the materials generated were investigated, organized, and systematized.

ARCUS Project Administration Committee is composed mainly of the Ibaraki Prefectural Government, in partnership with Moriya City, and the Ibaraki International Association. The Office is set up in the Regional Development Division, Department of Policy Planning, Ibaraki Prefecture (as of 2021). The project planning and operation of the ARCUS project is carried out by the director, project manager, and coordinators working at the ARCUS Studio.

4. 利用の仕方(利用者のための情報、申請手順)


閲覧申請書WORD/ PDF


- Moriya Library(Moriya City)
-Ibaraki Prefectual Archive and Museum(Mito City)
-3331 Arts Chiyoda ROOM302 Archive Center (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


閲覧ガイドラインとは、アーカイブ資料の保存活用の方針についてまとめ、運用方法を示した、閲覧利用者へ向けた利用案内(Finding Aids =探索補助手段)を指します。


[アーカイブズの種類は大きく2つに分けられ、組織アーカイブズ (Institutional archives)は、自らの組織が作成/収受した資料を保存すること。もうひとつは、収集アーカイブズ(Collecting archives:個人、家族、団体など広く資料を収集すること)があります。]
(松崎裕子「序章 世界のビジネスアーカイブズ:多様な価値を持つ、経営・業務に貢献するツール」、公益財団法人 渋沢栄一記念財団 実業史研究情報センター 編『世界のビジネス・アーカイブズ:企業価値の源泉』日外アソシエーツ、2012年、pp.1-13)

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ARCUS Project Archive Guideline / Finding Aids information

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