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The device of making strange for this place|March 10th (Fri)・11th (Sat)・12th (Sun)

We are pleased to announce taking place of the exhibition The device of making strange for this place.

This is a special occasion to experience the program, Wonders of creation in the daily life here -workshops for a filming of Hiroyuki Oki which was stared in 2015.
Hiroyuki Oki will show the film from its traces of activity with participants who live around Moriya, Ibaraki. And Yukino SEO will present installation inspired from her participation to the workshops as an artist and from her own activities expanded with some participants.

Date & Time|March 10th (Fri)・11th (Sat)・12th (Sun) 13:00 -19:00
Venue|Moriya Civic Gallery
ArtistsHiroyuki OKI, Yukino SEO
Talk EventMarch 11th (Sat) 15:00-18:00
Speakers|Hiroyuki Oki, Yukino SEO
Guest Speakers|
Midori MATSUI [Art critic]
Sayaka KITA [Comedian / Columnist / Editor]
Seako OYAMA [Organizer of tontuu record / Curator]
Yohei KUROSE [Artist / Art critic / Organizer of CHAOS*LOUNGE]

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KENPOKU ART 2016 茨城県北芸術祭

KENPOKU ART 2016 Information
"Sea, Mountain, Art!"
Sep.17th - Nov.20th 2016
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cooperated by ARCUS Project Administration Committee

OPEN CALL for AIR Program 2016

the call for the Artist-in-Residence program of ARCUS Project 2016 IBARAKI was closed. Result would be announced at the beginning of July.

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