Tomoko Sato

Born in Nagano in 1990. Lives and works in Kanagawa. Sato obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Film and New Media from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2018. Making use of a lecture format, Sato’s practice focuses on narratives. By linking issues that arise in the process of investigating historical facts in a multifaceted way, Sato constructs a story that interweaves fiction and documentary. Sato’s works are the product of her interest in Japan’s pursuit of a distorted form of modernization and the plurality conveyed by events that have fallen through the cracks of History with a capital H as well as her attraction to legends and ruins that survive in various places.

[Selected Exhibitions and Activities]
2019 ‘The Double Tsuburaya’, Performance, SHIBAURA HOUSE, Tokyo
2019 ‘Centaurus on Route 103’, Screening, Shibuya Euro Live, Tokyo
2019 ‘Centaurus on Route 103’, Exhibition, Gallery Saitou Fine Arts, Kanagawa
2018 ‘The Debris and Tower’, Performance, Asakusa Public Hall, Tokyo
2018 ‘Shiro-Kitsune, The Hidden Song’, Performance, BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa

Referrer's comment
By assembling newly unearthed events and facts that emerged in the process of her historical investigations, Sato sheds light on subjects related to people’s awareness and society that we are currently facing. For example, while dealing with The White Fox, an unfinished opera by Okakura Tenshin, Sato reexamined the role of the fox in Japanese legends, and by using historical relics, including the former Negishi Racetrack in Yokohama, as motifs, she illuminated aspects of contemporary society by describing a fictional redevelopment project. Sato’s pieces take the form of lecture-performances, which also incorporate video and objects, and tours in which she enables viewers to experience the work by guiding them to a given site. In addition to researching the history of performance art in Scotland, Sato will have an opportunity to explore the potential of multilingual lecture-performances.
It is my expectation that Sato’s research in a different language and culture will further develop her use of creative translation and the way in which she constructs her works.
Scotland is home to expansive untouched natural landscapes, including spacious wetlands and luxuriant woods, and the country has retained countless legends of witches and fairies. After coming into contact with these natural areas and narratives, it will be interesting to see what kind of subjects Aoyagi discovers and what kind of spaces she creates, while incorporating aspects of them of her daily life, after returning to Japan.

Director Keisuke Ozawa

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Exchange Program 2019

Tomoko Sato  <Japan>

Artist 2019

Emmie McLuskey  <UK>

Curator 2019