Emmie McLuskey

  • Exchenge Residensy2019
  • Born in1988 in UK
  • NationalityUK
  • PeriodFebruary 1 to 28, 2020(28 days)

Collaboration is central to the work McLuskey produces, starting with a shared question or observation that she explores more deeply through practice. Recent work has centred around questions of interactions in and between bodies, considering the systems that control and record them. McLuskey works across the roles of artist, programmer, writer and educator. During her time at ARCUS Project, McLuskey will be researching a project titled Between Bodies, working with an English to Japanese translator and a local “aikido” professional in order to build on previous interests around how we communicate and are understood by each other.

[Selected Exhibitions and Activities]
2019 ‘Hanging Out’ Artists’ Moving Image Festival (participation as a programmer), LUX Scotland/Tramway, Glasgow, UK
2019 ‘these were the things that made the step familiar’, Collective, Edinburgh, UK
2019 ‘To: my future body’ with Janice Parker, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
2019 ‘A Strange American Funeral’ (publication edited with Freya Field-Donovan)
2019 Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst, residency and exhibition, Lichtensteig, Switzerland

Rasons for Selection
In her practice, Emmie McLuskey uses her own body as a medium to pursue the possibilities of communication through performance and its traces. In addition to exploring interaction in and between physical bodies as well as the relationship between the body and systems, she is not only an artist but also a programmer, writer, and educator. Believing these roles to be inseparable, her work visualizes the nature of the body through multiple perspectives and diverse media. In Japan, McLuskey will search for ways in which the body is used in the martial art of “aikido.” Attempting to understand this subject not through her native language of English but in Japanese, her project aims to encounter new languages and knowledge while relativizing her own creative language and methodology. We accordingly selected her to support not only her own personal artistic activities but also what is an intriguing and adventurous endeavor in cultural exchange through art. Though a comparatively short residency of just one month, we look forward to seeing the results that McLuskey’s many discoveries and encounters will surely yield.

Director Keisuke Ozawa

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Exchange Program 2019

Tomoko Sato  <Japan>

Artist 2019

Emmie McLuskey  <UK>

Curator 2019