Resident Artists 2019

Christopher Beauregard  <USA>

Takuya Watanabe  <Japan>

Ruth Waters  <UK>

Artists for Artist-in-Residence Program 2019 are selected by juries as below.

Yuu Takehisa (senior curator, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)
Hiroko Tasaka (curator, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum)
ARCUS Project Administration Committee

Exchange Residency Program 2019

[Partner Institution] Hospitalfield 〈UK〉
〈Japanese Artist〉
Among the Japanese candidates chosen by the ARCUS Project Administration Committee, Hospitalfield and the Committee have selected the artist for this Exchange Residency Program.
〈Scottish Reseacher〉
Open call [Selectors: ARCUS Project Administration Committee, Hospitalfield, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and Cove Park]

Tomoko Sato

Artist 2019

Emmie McLuskey

Curator 2019