Resident Artists 2018

Cihad Caner  <Turkey>

Erika Ceruzzi  <USA>

Erica van Loon  <The Netherlands>

Artists for Artist-in-Residence Program 2018 are selected by juries as below.

Kodama Kanazawa (Guest Curator 2018 / Independent Curator / Senior Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, Towada Art Center)
Fumio Nanjo (ARCUS Project Adviser / Director of Mori Art Museum)
ARCUS Project Administration Committee

Kodama Kanazawa

Guest Curator 2018

Exchange Residency Program 2018

[Host Institution] Hospitalfield 〈UK〉
[Referrer] Naoko Horiuchi (Curator, Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT])
〈Japanese Artists to Hospitalfield〉
Two artists were selected by the referrer and the ARCUS Project Administration Committee among the artists who have Japanese nationality for this Exchange Residency Program.
〈Scottish Curator to ARCUS Project〉
The curator was recommended by Hospitalfield, the partner institution.

Natsumi Aoyagi

Artist 2018

Kazuya Takagawa

Artist 2018

Lesley Young

Curator 2018