Ernesto Bautista

Born in Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1987. Lives and works in San Salvador.
Ernesto Bautista’s major exhibitions include “LITTLE STORY OF DEMOCRATIZATION OF FEAR” (The Museum of Man, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2015), “BIENNIAL OF THE FRONTIERS” (The Museum of Contemporary Art of Tamaulipas, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2014), and “X” (Museum of Art of El Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador, 2014).
Bautista has participated in artist-in-residence programs in many regions worldwide, including the United States (Santa Fe Art Institute), China, Canada, Colombia, and Mexico. Raised amid social and political instability in El Salvador, he is deeply conscious of the violence, death, and war around him and feels compelled to investigate the essential meaning of human existence and life. Taking blood, bullets, fire, human bones, knives, and other objects evocative of death and violence as his media, he creates sculptures, installations, and video works that explore the problems of society and politics.

Reasons for Artist Selection
Bautista is straightforward in his choices of media and creative themes, and to that extent, he expresses his concerns with vivid clarity. Moreover, because his artworks are closely linked to his own background and his creative motives are clear, his earnest intent to express and communicate his thoughts is strongly felt. While young, he is richly experienced internationally in exhibiting and doing residencies, yet he had no previous experience of Japan. For this reason as well, I felt him suited to be the ARCUS Project’s first invitee from El Salvador.

Hiroyuki Hattori

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