Wojciech Gilewicz

  • Atist In Residence2011
  • Born in1974 born in Poland
  • NationalityPoland
  • Websitehttp://gilewicz.net
For the residence in ARCUS

I explore blurring of distinctions between reality&its artistic representation. I demonstrate immense power of painting medium able to perfectly imitate reality, while at the same time I want to deny the meaningfulness of painting, because my pictures often remain invisible. The paintings are also often left for a long time in their public-space locations, completely unnoticed, deliberately exposing them to nature&human factors. My paintings are hyperrealistic&non-representational at the same time–they perfectly imitate fragments of reality but when taken out of the reality context&transferred to the gallery space, they become purely abstract canvases.

The work of Wojciech Gilewicz is always driven by interesting ways of reading reality and in particular the urban context. While “questioning stereotypes and clichés” in art, he is opening his work to an open investigation on appearances, perception and representation. In his proposal it seems also interesting the wish to focus on workshops to open a public discussion on the contemporary urban environment. Nevertheless, his work seems more self referential and autonomous of the two previous artists.

Emiliano Gandolfi

The approach and process to the artist artwork seems to actually have deep-rooted connection into attempting to develop new approaches to painting, public art and social sculpture. The artist proposes to work with the community in an interesting manner that is both meaningful and challenging for both parties.

Julio Cesar Morales

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Resident Artists 2011

Wojciech Gilewicz  <Poland>

Wai Keung Hui  <Hong Kong>

Fazal Rizvi  <Pakistan>