Wai Keung Hui

  • Atist In Residence2011
  • Born in1973 born in Hong Kong
  • NationalityChinese, Lives and works in Hong Kong
  • Websitehttp://www.huiwaikeung.org/
For the residence in ARCUS

I am enchanted by the concept of “impossibility”. Its poetic character intrigues me so much. Some of my works reconstruct alternative happenings in historical events, which is temporal impossible but possible in another time line; some explore the impossible scenarios, but somehow happen in myths, or once were widely believed to be true. I always wonder what would happen if different nature laws were given in a different world.
Introducing impossibility in my works could place me in a critical position. Our concept as well as our experience is now framed by our modern knowledge. The scientific dogma and our common sense are telling us what the world looks like and what is possible. My works try to query these universal concepts. I try to jump out the frame. I hope my art can create a new universe with different possibility, whatever it is only mounted on the imaginary plane. It can help escaping from the ordinary life. I believe that this is just the beauty of contemporary art.

Wai Keung Hui proved in his recent projects to be a very resourceful artist, always questioning with his art crucial questions on society and able to invent interesting and original mediums of expression. His research topic on the poetic, yet the sensible, aspects of the “impossibility” is an inventive way to challenge the definition of an imaginary, through an inquiry of the latent potentials and failures of recent social and political transformations. His research work on ancient cosmologies and mythologies, could be an stimulating opportunity to test in Ibaraki alternative ways of questioning reality, yet a thought-provoking exercise of imagining an “impossible” future.

Emiliano Gandolfi

Wai's investigation into philosophy and metaphysics shares much with Japan and the approach to life as I have experienced it there. His practice seems to extend his research into these areas in a way that is interested and open to community involvement and response. The tone of his email seems conducive to both working in a community of artists and people who have suffered much uncertainty and loss recently. I think his participation will prove generative, considered and exciting.

Hannah Mathews

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