Fazal Rizvi

  • Atist In Residence2011
  • Born in1987 born in Pakistan
  • NationalityPakistan
For the residence in ARCUS

My recent works have got everything to do with my family. It looks critically at the family unit and addresses the pains and constraints that it brings with it. The fact that families are not necessarily pleasant is exploited here. It looks at my own placement and displacement within the structure, specifically in accordance to my sexuality. Here the figure of my mother also takes an important part as the person i was closest to, and is quite prevalent in my works. It is not just the critique of the family unit that one sees, it is also simultaneously nostalgic and also evidently shows that i can not let go of them.

Focused on his paintings, Fazal Rizvi is an artist of a kind whose practice programmes at Arcus has not hosted in recent years. However, due to the earthquake that occurred in the early period of application for our residency program, a drastic change was inevitably felt in our feeling of the everyday. Within Ibaraki, as one of the areas that has suffered from the earthquake, Moriya has an elevated level of radioactive contamination; while the scenes of Moriya to our eyes remain the same as before, we can't help but feel something had definitely changed within our minds. Until last year, the ARCUS residency program had focused on outward movement, on activities towards the outside world. Now we also feel the necessity to focus on an inward movement, on an inner experience. We hope that the theme of "family" that Rizvi consistently works on, and his proposal to make artwork based on the experience of living in a Moriya family, will overlap the new direction ARCUS has chosen following the earthquake.

Mami Odai (ARCUS Project Director)

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