Song Ming Ang

For the residence in ARCUS

I make art revolving around the social aspects of music and sound, exploring what can be produced by temporary communities, amateur efforts, and interactions with systems. My works are usually executions of an idea or premise, and as a result adopt various formats.

The projects by this artist show some promise. I liked the diversity of approach and the fact that they were coming from a background in music, rather than art. However, there was little sense of purpose to the work.

(Also, I Fu Hang's comment regarding the representation of an Asian artist in the top was a good one, and I believe that this should increase the priority for this artist. )

Ted Purves

Playful performances and devices that generate sounds or research in the aural qualities of language would be developed at the residency, but I find the proposals too frivolous and also too little focused on its situatedness in Moriya and therefore am less of favour of this artist.

Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez

Song Ming Ang’s projects depature from an premise with sense of humor to open up the social awareness, the project creates the intimate relation for temporary communities, amateur groups and quite often the participants become the center of the performance;

which intends to blur and boundaries between the subject and object, author/hoster and guests, could be interesting to see how it could be developed further under the context of your project.

I guess Song Ming should go further to explore whether there will be new conceptual paradigm, but so far his practices seems has a vivid effection from participants. I also notice Song Ming is the only applicant from Asia.

Hu Fang

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Resident Artists 2010

Song Ming Ang  <Singapore>

David Brazier (with Kelda Free)  <Australia>

Jason Kofke  <USA>