Debbie HAN

For the residence in ARCUS

As a person who holds a strong interest in Japan, I'm excited to have an opportunity to live and work in Ibaraki this fall.
I am particularly interested in observing aspects of contemporary culture that draw nations together as current global reality, and that which distinguish them as traditions, or that which create 'hybird' cultures. These explorations help us to understand how our lives are being shaped and our views are cultivated within the greater scope of the world.
'Food and Sensuality' is a photo project I've been pursuing internationally. In each country, I invite ordinary women who are transformed into knock-out models and photographed them, simulating beauty/cosmetic advertisement photography. In each image, the model is garnished with representative food from the culture the model lives. With humor and subversion, these works address the fallacies of contemporary consumer advertisement culture. They also expose general stereotypical social views on women as consumable object. At the same time, I am attempting to go beyond just making a social critique. I believe 'beauty' is something each person generates from within, and hope to bring out the unique beauty of each woman I work with in the most powerful way possible. My objective here is the opposite of the goal of consumer advertisement industry: rather than creating conformity, I seek individuality in defining beauty. Japan has strong sense of cultural homegeneity, yet, its culture is very distinct in comparison with other countries, as displays in its unique culinary culture. I look forward to exploring possibilites of these visions with people I meet in Japan this fall.

Born in 1969. Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.
Han pursues the interest about the issue how human experiences are shaped and defined in contemporary culture based on her diversified perspectives which was cultivated by being brought up as Asian American. She also explores the various ways of relations between Asia and the West through the works such as the photo projects using food as the materials of accessories, clothes and cosmetics, or celadon sculptures of Venus. One of her projects in ARCUS would be a portraits series with inviting ordinary Japanese women wearing Japanese food.

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