Vincensius "Venzha" Christiawan

  • Artist In Residence2002
  • StaySept 3, 2002-Jan 31, 2003
  • NationalityIndonesia

Born in Banyuwangi, Indonesia in 1973. Obtained BFA from Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta in 1996. Lives and works in Yogyakarta.

During residency
Venzha gathered discarded electric organ, TV and stereo sets to explore and reproduce embedded sounds in the sound installation Heterogeneouz - Obsesi Kami -. Also, invited participants to draw images from his work, to connect the creative minds of individuals.

Workshop: Heterogeneouz - Obsesi Kami -
Oct 13, Oct 14, 2002
Kasama Geijutsunomori Park (Daisuki Ibaraki Kenmin Matsuri), Kasama City
52 participants 
Participants were grouped into teams of two to go and find a favorite spot, imagine a building they would like to build there, and draw the images. The artists took elements of the drawings out to combine with his own, and produced posters for each group, and later sent them back to the participants.

Open Studio
Nov 9-Nov 24, 2002
ARCUS Studio

ARCUS Tokyo Exhibition
Nov 30-Dec 15, 2002
Contemporary Art Factory (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Resident Artists 2002

Vincensius "Venzha" Christiawan  <Indonesia>

Sabine Delcour  <France>

Minako Kitayama  <Japan>

Lee Wan-Chen  <Taiwan>

Douglas Ross  <USA>