Sabine Delcour

  • Artist In Residence2002
  • StaySept 16-Dec 20, 2002
  • NationalityFrance

Born in Pessac, France in 1968. Obtained MA from Paris VIII in 1993. Lives and works in Paris.

During residency
Delcour saw Moriya as an expanding suburb, and took photographs of construction sites in the area. Also took a survey from local residents about their concept of 'house' and 'appiness', and asked them to read their comments, to be recorded and played in her installation.

Open Studio
Nov 9-Nov 24, 2002
ARCUS Studio

ARCUS Tokyo Exhibition
Nov 30-Dec 15, 2002
Contemporary Art Factory (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Resident Artists 2002

Vincensius "Venzha" Christiawan  <Indonesia>

Sabine Delcour  <France>

Minako Kitayama  <Japan>

Lee Wan-Chen  <Taiwan>

Douglas Ross  <USA>