Douglas Ross

  • Artist In Residence2002
  • StaySept 1, 2002- Jan 30, 2003
  • NationalityUSA

Born in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1969. Obtained MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York in 1997. Artist-in-residence at P.S.1, New York in 2001-02. Lives and works in New York.

During residency
Ross filmed the "Window View Picture" of the Oarai Museum in combination with the record of his own activities going out to the sea to make the video work, Entanglightenment. He also, carried out a workshop "Time Piece" with participants consisting of high school students and senior citizens over 60 to exchange ideas about time.

Open Studio
Nov 9-Nov 24, 2002
ARCUS Studio

ARCUS Tokyo Exhibition
Nov 30-Dec 15, 2002
Contemporary Art Factory (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Resident Artists 2002

Vincensius "Venzha" Christiawan  <Indonesia>

Sabine Delcour  <France>

Minako Kitayama  <Japan>

Lee Wan-Chen  <Taiwan>

Douglas Ross  <USA>