Wang Te-Yu

  • Artist In Residence2000
  • StaySept 5- Dec 18, 2000
  • NationalityTaiwan

Born in Hsin Chu, Taiwan in 1970. Obtained BFA from the National Institute of the Arts, Taipei in 1993. Lives and works in Taipei.

During residency
Wang covered the studio with a large air cushion and plastic sheet, for visitors to experience the work by entering the space between the wall and the balloon. In another installation that covered the studio with white cloth, paper, and agricultural frost-protecting sheet, the work symbolized and visualized the memories and atmosphere of the specific site.

Sept 30, 2000 13:00-15:30
ARCUS Studio
20 participants
Wang’s inquiry into communication gap between people who do not speak the same language was demonstrated in this lecture, where she read her text in Chinese, which was translated into Japanese, then into English from Japanese. During this process some meanings were lost yet unquestioned, which reflected her observation on language and the effort to communicate regardless of the lack of accuracy.

Workshop: Play with Air
Oct 25, 2000 13:30-15:30
Koya Elementary School, Moriya Town
60 6th-graders
Students were asked to bring plastic bags which they cut and pasted together to create a huge balloon.

Workshop: The Visible Part
Dec 2, 2000 13:30-16:00
ARCUS Studio
30 alumni of former Oisawa Elementary School
Alumni and former faculties of former Oisawa Elementary School were invited to take part in the installation using chairs to revive their site-specific memories.

Studio Presentation
Sept 23, Sept 24, Oct 21, Oct 22, Nov 25, Nov 26, 2000
ARCUS Studio

Project Room Exhibition
Dec 9, 2000-Jan 28, 2001
ARCUS Studio

Collaboration Workshop
Part 1: EAT / Part 2 SLEEP

by Brad Brown, Tatsuo Majima, Didier Trenet, Wang Te-Yu
Nov 26, 2000 12:00-15:30
ARCUS Studio
35 participants
Participants were invited for a cross-cultural experience, by eating food of the artists' home countries, and taking a nap while artists read bedtime stories in their mother tongue.

Resident Artists 2000

Brad Brown  <USA>

Tatsuo Majima  <Japan>

Didier Trenet  <France>

Wang Te-Yu  <Taiwan>