Didier Trenet

  • Artist In Residence2000
  • StaySept 7- Dec 18, 2000
  • NationalityFrance

Born in Beaune in 1965. Graduated from Villa Arson, Nice, France in 1991. Lives and works in Trambly.

During residency
Trenet reflected on his encounters with Japanese culture. He started by making drawings on notebooks used by Japanese school children, and picked up ideas to produce Negi-an based on the theme of Japanese leek and Zen temple. He also created a garden with local residents and created a space for meditation as part of this project.

Sep 30, 2000 15:30-17:00
ARCUS Studio
20 participants
Trenet introduced past works using leek and explained his plan for his new project at ARCUS.

Workshop: Negi-an
Oct 21, 2000 13:30-16:00
Suzuki families' field near ARCUS Studio
50 participants
To explore the commonalities between traditional Zen Buddhism principles and leek as common food culture, Trenet transplanted over 700 leeks based on his drawing. The project marked its completion when their flowers bloomed the following spring.

Workshop: TV Ceremony
Dec 9, 2000 15:00-17:00
ARCUS Studio
30 participants
As part of the Negi-an project, participants were invited to a session of Zazen meditation in a room with tatami mats, TV object, and lantern.

Studio Presentation
Sept 23, Sept 24, Oct 21, Oct 22, Nov 25, Nov 26, 2000
ARCUS Studio

Project Room Exhibition
Dec 9, 2000-Jan 28, 2001
ARCUS Studio

Collaboration Workshop
Part 1: EAT / Part 2 SLEEP

by Brad Brown, Tatsuo Majima, Didier Trenet, Wang Te-Yu
Nov 26, 2000
ARCUS Studio
35 participants
Participants were invited for a cross-cultural experience, by eating food of the artists' home countries, and taking a nap while artists read bedtime stories in their mother tongue.

Resident Artists 2000

Brad Brown  <USA>

Tatsuo Majima  <Japan>

Didier Trenet  <France>

Wang Te-Yu  <Taiwan>