Nov 23 (Sat) 16:00-18:00

Talk|The day when mangoes can be picked at ARCUS


Climate change is an issue that dominates public discourse today. This event will consider how climate change will affect our lives from the perspectives of economics and art. Since capitalism is the ultimate cause of global warming, the problem will continue to escalate, meaning the day may come when we can pick mangoes in the garden of ARCUS Studio. In their practices, this year’s resident artists also touch upon aspects of capitalism. The talk will discuss possibilities for art in an age of capitalism and global warming.

*In Japanese only/whispered interpretation available.

20151201524-15.jpgPhoto:Hajime Kato



Manabu Kuwata

[Associate Professor at the Fukuyama City University]
Manabu Kuwata, an Associate Professor at the Fukuyama City University in Hiroshima. He received Ph.D. from Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo in 2013. Research field is the history of economic and environmental thought. His first monograph is The Turn of Epistemology of Economics: an intellectual history of economy and science in the turn of the 20th Century (2014). He is currently at work on rethinking of the concept of ‘economy’ and ‘nature’ in the economics and its relationship with the science of energy and life in the 19-20 century.